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"The Family of Russia". Second All-Russian Film Festival of short films. September, 2005, Galich (Kostroma oblast')

Priest Maksim Obukhov. Abortion and the "hard cases"

Priest Maksim Obukhov, Doctor of gycenology G. Rudykin. What is Abortion?

Protojerej Dimitrij Smirnov. ON THE SIN OF CHILD-KILLING

"Come on, for life!"

The problem of abortion in Russia: Abortion as communist invention

Defending the unborn

An interesting article

Russian Orthodox Church condemned euthanasia (official statement in Russian) May  1999

Proffessor Lushnikov against Russian Planned Parenthood: our victory in judgement  July 1999

Russian PP will join to parlament elections in 1999

The First English Issue of our Newsletter (Feb, 1996).The newsletter is also being published in Russian (regularly).

Leading Russian embriologists condemn abortion

About the wonder which happened in our Church

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