The Orthodox Medical Educational Center "Zhizn" ("Life", Moscow)

The Medical Educational Center "Life" was established in Moscow in April 19, 1993 by the Orthodox community of the Annunciation Church. The goals of the center are: to provide people with the reliable information about abortions, contraceptives and their consequences, to offer a Christian witness to this and to coordinate the efforts of those who oppose abortions in order to form Pro-Life movement in Russia. The Center has a paid staff of 10 people, and several hundred volunteers. Our activities include the following: to publish and distribute educational and informational materials, to deliver lectures at schools and hospitals, to teach the staff of medical institutions, to keep in touch with the mass media. The publishing team of the Center has translated and published the book "Abortions" by Metropolitan Meleti (Greece). The Center has also printed a leaflet "Thou Shalt Do no Murder"; more than 900,000 copies of the leaflet were distributed in many cities and towns of Russia. Booklets "On Family Planning" and "The Sermon at The Feastday Of Innocent Babies of Bethlehem" were published, as well as the collected articles "Save and Guard". Lecturers of our Center have delivered more than 1300 lectures at schools and hospitals. Our materials were distributed at about 700 medical institutions in Moscow. Information concerning the activities of the Center "Life" and its materials were distributed in many dioceses and parishes of Russian Orthodox Church. Many addressees in the territory of the former USSR regularly receive our booklets and other Pro-Life materials. 16 articles have been published in different local newspapers on the basis of our materials. 13 active local branches of the Center have been organised. The Center has conducted 8 tutorials and seminars for the staff. A handbook for lecturers was written. Special broadcast talks were arranged on the radio and TV, a series of articles was published in newspapers and magazines. We supply methodical aid, free distribution of our materials to all who are eager to participate in the Pro-Life movement.

Our Pro-Life activity faces strong opposition from different organisations. Most powerful of them are the PP Associations and the firms producing contraceptives. These organisations are much richer and more poweruful than the Center (comparatively young, whose income consists of donations only). Nevertheless, the Center succeeded in bringing the Pro-Life witness to the masses in Moscow and other Russian cities and towns.

Those who want to join pro-life movement in Russia should contact us.

Our address: Russia, Moscow, 125167, ul. Krasnoarmeiskaya, d.2, str.4, kom.206.

Khram Blagoveschenia

tel. +7 (495) 612-64-95

The First English Issue of Our Newsletter (Feb, 1996) The newsletter is also being published in Russian (regularly) and in Ukrain.

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