to the place of martyrdom of
St Elizabeth Feodorovna Romanova

Alapaevsk town (Ekaterinburg region, western Siberia):

View of the town from St Katherine Church

Places of the memory of St Elizabeth
Old scool, the last place of living of the saint Princess
Her room where she lived last days
St Katherine Church. St Elizabeth prayed here the last days of her life
Old mine in Alapaevsk: she died here for Jesus Christ
Bell tower near the mine (new building)
Chapel of St Elizabeth near the place of martyrdom
The place where the bodies of those killed for Christ were kept before moving to Holy Land
The day of memory of St Elizabeth: 18 of July, 1997. The prayer (moleben).

famous places of the Alapaevsk town
Museum of famous Russian composer Chaykovsky who lived here in this building
Open air museum. Traditional Russian wooden architecture

Interesting places around:

Verchniaya Tura
Kungur cave

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