to the place of the memory of St Elizabeth


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  • View of the Alapaevsk town from St Catherine Church
    (Neyva river)

  • Old scool, the last home-prison of St Elizabeth

  • The last room of st Elizabeth (it is class-room now)

  • St Catherine Church. St Elizabeth prayed here her last days

  • Old mine in siberian forest: St martyr Elizabeth died here for the faith of Jesus Christ

  • Belltower near the old mine

  • Chapel of St Elizabeth. The view from belltower

  • The place where the bodies of those killed for Christ were kept before moving to Holy Land

  • The day of memory of St Elizabeth: 18 of July, 1998. The prayer (moleben).

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Pictures were made during the pilgrimage in July of 1998
St Elizabeth sisterhood. Address: Moscow 103287 2-ja Khutorskaja 40 tel. 211-36-25 email: om@mrezha.ru